The Shelter


The Shelter is a ministry of First Assembly of God that seeks to provide solutions to Hawaii’s homeless problem that are founded on Biblical principles and centered on a God-centered life as the core of the solution.

Our Mission

To create The Shelter as a program that accepts eligible candidates by the end of 2016 that provides spiritual growth, housing assistance and job livelihood.

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Program Candidates

The Shelter will accept candidates who are vetted and recommended by government shelters and faith-based organizations. Program participants must be substance-free with no mental health issues, commit to a lifestyle with God at the center of their spiritual life, and agree to progress in The Shelter’s vision of Christian growth.

The program is designed to help participants transition to their own rental housing within six to twelve months. At that time, they should be ready to find regular employment in a full-time job with medical benefits. Participants will learn vocational skills and be given occupational training in an organic farming initiative, and will have the opportunity to earn wages in exchange for their services.

Housing Assistance

At the center of The Shelter’s housing assistance program is a revolutionary approach to cost-efficient temporary structures, made possible through the use of igloo-like portable shelters from Alaska-based company, Intershelter™.

The Intershelter™ portable shelter is made from high-tech aerospace composite material, is built to sustain hurricane strength winds and earthquakes, and is insulated to stay warm in extreme arctic sub-zero degree weather or cool in hot desert climates. A single structure’s pieces can fit in the back of a pick up truck, and can be assembled in a few hours by just three people.

A single dome structure costs about $10,000 and can house a family of five people. Additional structures can be attached to create multi-unit dwellings, and individual domes can be reconfigured into kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.

Learn more about Intershelter™ structures

The Shelter plans on building a dome complex on church property in Windward Oahu, but we are also looking for suitable properties in or near downtown Honolulu.

Partnership Opportunities

Responsible for oversight of entire The Shelter initiative
Manages management team

Finance Manager
Responsible for oversight of finance and accounting functions
Manages accounting team

Housing Manager
Responsible for oversight of housing structures and operations
Manages housing team that manages the domes, rental housing, farm housing, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) transitions

Farm Manager
Responsible for oversight in farm operations
Manages farm operations team and liaison to wholesalers

Marketing/Communications/PR Manager
Responsible for marketing and public relations
Manages marketing to the public, corporations and grant sources

Government Liaison Manager
Responsible for oversight in government relations
Manages governmental relations at all levels including the Governor, Mayor, Legislators, Council members, and other government officials that are involved in homeless solutions

Spiritual Growth Manager
Responsible for spiritual growth of participants
Manages participants to progress through spiritual development

Citizenship and Job Skill Manager
Responsible for training on marketable job skills and citizenship
Manages participant’s progress to be responsible citizens

Church and Non-Profit Manager
Responsible for developing communications and partnerships with church organizations and other non-profits (i.e. Food Bank)
Manages participant’s progress to be responsible citizens

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Ministry Contact:Pastor Daniel Kaneshiro
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