Maui Recovery Update

October 28, 2023

Under the leadership of Ps Sam Cockett, and a team of dedicated workers including Jeff Harris, Max Mayeda, Scott Watson, Roger Corpuz, Scott Woods and Will Valdez, remarkable progress has been made on the Shelter Maui project. All decks and domes are now standing tall, marking a significant milestone in the project.

While the journey is ongoing, with tasks like installing windows, doors, flooring, and sealing panels still ahead, the recent collaborative effort of 50 individuals from various congregations on October 28 has been instrumental to its quick timeline. Participants from First Assembly, Maui Teen Challenge, Kings Cathedral, New Hope Central Oahu, Victory Hawaii Church, Manna Church, and Westside Christian Center Church, along with contributors from Kauai, joined forces to drive the project forward.

Of the 10 domes being constructed, a noble purpose awaits each one. Seven will offer shelter to members of Kings Cathedral who lost their homes, two will provide spaces for small businesses affected by the fire, and one will serve as command center for the Convoy of Hope relief efforts.

Notably, an eleventh dome will be a haven for Truth Excavation in Lahaina, offering a home to a displaced mother and her children. Additionally, the twelfth dome will support New Life Kahuku, set on the grounds of Grace Bible Church, functioning as a relief command center for the community.

The ambition is high, with the project aiming to reach completion by Thanksgiving, striving to provide essential aid and shelter to those who need it most. Stay tuned for more heartwarming updates as the vision of Shelter Maui continues to unfold.

Maui Recovery Update

October 6, 2023

Join us to help Maui’s relief efforts

About The Shelter

The Shelter was created in 2019 to provide transitional housing solutions for homeless mothers and their children, as well as others in similar need. With the unprecedented disasters on Maui, many have tragically lost their lives while many others have lost their homes. The Shelter, with gratitude for the generous donation of Convoy of Hope, is ready to continue our mission of compassion. Please join us to be PART OF THE SOLUTION on Maui!


This donation campaign is created to bring relief efforts on behalf of those who need transitional housing due to natural disaster or crisis. This fund will allow the Shelter to purchase domes that will help those in need of housing on a temporary basis.  We are hoping for the first twelve domes to be deployed to Maui in the near future.

“God is our SHELTER and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”

Psalm 46:1 GNT

About Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is actively responding to the devastating wildfires in Maui, Hawaii. The fires have caused extensive damage to properties, displacing thousands of people and leaving them without power. Despite the challenges, Convoy of Hope is working tirelessly on the ground to provide relief supplies to those affected. They are also collaborating with local partners to distribute these supplies and assist in the long-term recovery process.


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