Fri–Sun, February 26–28, 2021


Red Hill Main Campus
3400 Moanalua Road
Honolulu, HI 96819

This missions conference will CHALLENGE, EQUIP, EMPOWER and ACTIVATE believers and churches into knowing and effectively living out Christ’s call!

Our blessed speakers have personally, powerfully and successfully been devoting their lives to reach and make disciples of nations as well as to train, equip and send others to do the same.

  • To impart and activate faith to reach nations
  • To equip with keys to reach the nations
  • To empower to access God’s favor, blessings and prosperity to reach nations

We earnestly encourage all to sign-up and not miss this invaluable opportunity to bless nations, both individually and as a church!




Dr. Solomon Wang is the Vice President of Convoy of Hope’s feedONE. He and his wife, Lori, have spent five years in the US in pastoral ministry and 30 years in overseas service ministering in education, consultancy, motivational training, and seminars. Solomon loves to travel and has visited 135 countries. He also has had the privilege of praying, speaking, and reading the Bible across all seven continents! He and Lori have three grown children.



Pastor Dishan Wickramaratne is known throughout Sri lanka and abroad for his relentless passion to introduce the world to a God who loves unconditionally and without limit. Naturally gifted with the ability to connect with people, Pastor Dishan speaks straight to the heart, challenging people to “live right, walk straight and let God do the rest.” A former Royal College rugby player and the heart behind the radio program Think-a-Minute, Pastor Dishan is married to Pastor Jayani and is the father of three beautiful and talented children, Shyara, Rajeev and Dilani.



Jamie Corcoran is Lead Pastor of Lighthouse Church. He is passionate about inspiring people and helping the local church develop into its fullest potential. Pastor Jamie is eager to inspire leaders and dedicated to planting new churches. He serves on the national lead team for the AG in Ireland and the lead team for the Association of Related Churches (ARC) Ireland. He is married to the love of his life and his amazing wife, Ludmila, and together they have three wild boys: Joshua, Davi & Isaiah.



Allan and his wife Constant have been missionary overseers for East Asia since 1996. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, Allan managed to plant churches and also raise up Ministers Training Centers there. Constant has also developed the “Truly Great” bible curriculum for children and youth, conducted training for teachers and also planted children ministries in churches that do not have one. They have two grown up children who are happily married.


Friday, February 26

5:30 PM • • • Registration
6:00 PM • • • Worship
6:30 PM • • • Main Session 1: “Some Call it Waste, I Call it Worship”
7:30 PM • • • Break
7:45 PM • • • Main Session 2: “Knowing the Times and Seasons for Missions”

Saturday, February 27

8:30 AM • • • Worship
9:00 AM • • • Main Session 3: “The World’s Saddest Missionary”
10:15 AM • • • Workshops
11:30 AM • • • Main Session 4: “New Mindset In Missions”
12:30 PM • • • Lunch
1:20 PM • • • Workshops
2:35 PM • • • Main Session 5: “Raising the Next Generation”

Sunday, February 28

8:00 AM • • • Worship Service (Dr. Solomon Wang)
10:15 PM • • • Worship Service (Dr. Solomon Wang)
6:00 PM • • • Worship Service (Pastor Dishan Wickramaratne)


Breakout Session 1 — 10:15 AM

Thinking Big
Dr. Solomon Wang

How to Thrive in Trying Times
Ps. Dishan Wickramaratne

Missions in the Near East
Ps. Allan Lit

Mental Health
Ps. Jamie Corcoran

Social Media Guide to Social Ministry
Ps. Josh Ko & Brett Henderson

Breakout Session 2 — 1:20 PM

The Days of Miracles are Not Over
Dr. Solomon Wang

4’s of Missions
Ps. Dishan Wickramaratne

Resourcing to Work with Children and Youth
Ps. Constant Lit

Leading your Church Ministry Team
Ps. Jamie Corcoran

Technology for Missions
Ps. Raymond So & Bryan Furuhashi


Registration is FREE for ALL ATTENDEES.

Online registration for IN-PERSON attendance is closed, but you can still register at the door (printed materials provided while supplies last).

VIRTUAL ATTENDEES can still register online.


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For assistance with technical issues, call (808) 836-4441.

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